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Emmy DeShazo Grier is a visual artist working and living in Birmingham, Alabama. Inspired by emotions and life around her, her pieces are full of energy. Her goal is to bring joy to her observers and buyers through her use of different mediums, styles and colors. Her deep passion for creating art, as well as, creating relationships with clients, provides a limitless journey of discovery and self-expression. When she’s not painting, Emmy works with her mother selling oriental rugs and decorating. She helps identify the origin and region of the rugs by studying their colors and patterns. In addition, she finishes custom tables for Moses TC.  Working with the unique organic nature of wood, she combines different mediums and colors to transform every table top from a blank canvas to a work of art.  Emmy has participated in several art shows, and her pieces can be found in Arceneaux Gallery, Trouve, Argent and The Nest in Birmingham, Alabama. Emmy lives with her husband, Ned, and her two children Mason and Mallie.





I’m not sure who had the most fun, Emmy - painting the picture or me - working with her during the process! We moved to Greenville from Atlanta in September. After months of searching locally and online for the right picture for the wall behind the living room sofa, I came upon a Facebook posting my dear friend and fabulous Interior Designer - Mandi Smith Interiors, in Birmingham shared from one of her clients with a gorgeous painting above their fireplace. The painting immediately caught my eye. I couldn’t wait to contact Mandi to inquiry about the painting. I immediately did a Google search for Emmy and came upon a watercolor painting from a recent Moss Rock Festival along with a few other paintings. (So glad you now have this website, so others can enjoy your gifted talent!) The painting had the perfect color combination I was looking for, with a simple yet elegant design. The only problem, the painting wasn’t large enough. From my first conversation with Emmy, there was a connection. I shared the sofa and wall measurements with Emmy and emailed several photos of the living room sofa with accent pillows. Emmy went to the trouble of locating a sofa similar in size from a near by shop, displaying various painting sizes for me to get a sense of what the space needed. After looking at several photos of her work, I came upon a painting in progress that was the right size, balance of white space and color. She went to work blending and adding the colors to complement my furnishing. What a gorgeous end result! I could hardly wait for the painting to arrive. I must say, her husband knows how to pack – secure enough for Fort Knox!!! I not only received a gorgeous painting but also formed a friendship. Just what the space needed - Love it!!!! Thank you for sharing your passion!

- Sylvia Smith



Arceneaux Gallery

1830 29th Avenue South, #130 • Homewood, Alabama



2004 Cahaba Road • Mountain Brook, Alabama


2947 18th Street South • Homewood, Alabama

The Nest

2718 19th Place South • Homewood, Alabama



Emmy DeShazo Grier

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